Friday, 24 February 2012

Beauty & Its Importance

Beauty is an art that is also called loveliness and attractiveness is a characteristic of person’s looks. The depiction of a person as “attractive of beautiful”, whether on an individual basis or by society consent is based upon some amalgamation of internal exquisiteness, which comprise emotional issues, character, aptitude, courtesy and Outer beauty like attractive appearance.

The beauty standards always changes with the course of time depending upon assimilation of cultures. Traditionally, paintings provide extensive range of beauty standards. Though, a person who is comparatively juvenile having smooth skin, well maintained bodies is always considered as beautiful.

For the unfussy viewer the different techniques which are used to look beautiful are very simple things like hair handling, nail painting and face management. But for the person who is applying these techniques it would be very difficult as he/she have to make it unique and very attractive. They may not be physically taxing things but it is the skill with which they have to treat and rather delicate nature of the person to whom they are treating.
One of the most basic things that are taught in beauty schools is the admiration of beauty. In fact it’s the most important part as before telling them how to make their clients beautiful they are taught to admire the beauty as if you cannot admire the beauty you cannot give it to anyone.

Many researchers have shown that good looking students get better grades from teachers comparatively to the students with ordinary looks. In addition beautiful patients get more care from doctors. It is not only limited to patients and students as it’s also observed that the criminals who are attractive are given lighter punishments.

Another study shows that more ordinary looking persons earn 5 to 10 percent less than extra ordinary good looking ones.